What Are Suchiu Live Sessions?

Suchiu Live Sessions

As promised in yesterday’s post, today we wanted to let you all know about another exciting project we are launching in conjunction with Suchiu Art TV: Suchiu Live Sessions.

Back in June of this year, we held our annual RONSTOCK event virtually through Zoom to keep the fun times rollin’ in the midst of this pandemic. If you attended, you experienced games, door prizes, giveaways, contests and a lot of fun conversation about Suchiu and his artwork. We even extended our typical two day event to a week filled with art and festivities. On each day of RONSTOCK, we gave away a celebrity signed print to a lucky collector in the virtual audience just for attending. Each giveaway was followed up by a brief discussion about the artwork and one or two of Suchiu’s many wild and wonderful stories about it.

Based on the feedback we received from the audience, we realized just how much our collectors, friends and even those who were new to Suchiu Art seemed to appreciate the stories behind each art piece. Those who have had conversations with Suchiu know that each painting has a legacy behind it, whether it is because of an amazing story, a partnership with a celebrity figure or even a controversy!

Ever since RONSTOCK–yes, this has been three months in the making–Suchiu and his marketing team have felt compelled to revolutionize these ‘talk-show’ sort of live streaming segments into full-fledge, regularly scheduled events. And so, we are writing this blog post today to tell you all about our plans to do just that.

Suchiu Live Sessions will be regularly scheduled entertainment events in which Suchiu and his wife Colleen will discuss a painting from his collection of over 150 highly-collectable pieces. Each segment will run for thirty minutes and will be streamed to Facebook LIVE so that you, in the audience, can ask any questions you may have about the featured piece and its history. While we don’t want to give away all of the juicy details just yet, we will tell you that we very much so intend to have guest stars on this show as they relate to the painting (and perhaps even some giveaways and door prizes in true RONSTOCK fashion).

With the date and featured piece already selected for the very first Suchiu Live Session, we will be announcing all of the details tomorrow. If you are not following us on Facebook, be sure to do that now so you do not miss out!

PS: all Suchiu Live Sessions will be posted on Suchiu.com after filming in case you miss it.

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  • This sounds awesome!

    Frank Eliasen

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