Dan (Elwood Blues) Aykroyd proudly displays his personally owned “Pure Blues” print. Dan and his beautiful wife Donna Dixon liked Ron′s portrayal of the Blues Brothers so much that they used its image one year as their Season′s Greetings card. Several hundred of these cards were hand-written by the Aykroyds and sent to their entire circle of very famous friends!


Sting signing Suchiu′s limited edition print “Checkmate”. Sting flew through the signing like a trooper especially considering that he would be performing within the hour. He served up a few tender stories of his younger days and even took time to sign the back of the original painting before running off to entertain the huge awaiting crowd.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Eric Burdon beams with delight at a special sneak preview of the original painting of “House Of The Rising Sun”. This art-piece has now gone on to be produced in limited edition and rumor has it that it might be slated to become Eric’s next album cover and possibly his life logo.


Ron congratulates Gordon Lightfoot moments after Gordon′s debut concert of his latest album. Suchiu′s limited edition print of the Edmund Fitzgerald “The Pride Of The American Side” went into second market status five months prior to its actual release. Today the very same prints are demanding in excess of 13 times their original value! Ron now says congratulation to all you lucky collectors who got in on the action!


Colleen Suchiu, David Suzuki, David′s wife Tara Cullis and Ron pose for a group shot in the 3rd floor foundation room at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Pure blues was unveiled that night in the company of 38 of the world’s most well know celebrities. David was the subject of Ron′s earliest environmental project “metamorphosis” which has now become one of his best known art pieces.


The Suchiu family traveled all the way to England to spend one and a half hours for the signing of Suchiu′s limited edition print “Titanic” with the famous ship′s youngest voyager and survivor. Then onto a very pleasant two and a half hour tea and many colorful and fantastic stories of history and world travel. A lot of the movie′s character “Rose” shows up in Millvina whether she had influenced James Cameron or not may never be known.


A great time was had as two very famous Lancaster pilots Howard Hugh′s test pilot Don Rogers (left) and Ltn. Gen. Reg Lane (middle) shared stories of their pioneer days of flying. The signing of Suchiu′s Lancaster print “Entering The Labyrinth” could not have been a more enjoyable event.


Jim Minneker and Dave Hill, two very prominent Corvette division General Motors engineers, were on hand to aid in the official unveiling of Suchiu’s painting and limited edition print series “Passion” The venue for this event was no other than Labor Day 1999 at the 5th anniversary celebration of the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


A very pleased Jane Goodall shares this picture with a rarely seen beardless Ron. It was quite an emotional event. Jane had mentioned that of the 35 or so portraits that had been painted of her to date she had not been very impressed with any of them . . . until this one . . . “To Touch An Angel . . . and she “loved it”. Plans are now being made for Ron and Jane Goodall to once again work together.

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