The Importance of Enhancing Your Art with a Frame


Whether you are an artist or an art lover, framing your art is a very important and necessary step not only toward preserving and protecting your treasures but also completing its look.  Framing goes back as far as the 2nd century and quite often the frames were more elaborate then the art itself. If you are an artist and want to sell or display your work do not be shy about putting a beautiful fame on it.  Most artists think that their art is finished when they sign their name to it.  Would you buy a car without the wheels?  To complete your work of art it needs to have a frame that will add to its excellence. In the framing industry when we hear the words from customers and artists, “I want something small and simple, because I don’t want the frame to take away from the art”.  This usually means “I don’t want to spend a lot of money so I want something cheap”.  Again, that is like buying a gorgeous car and putting wheels on it that are too narrow. Framing can be expensive, but if your framer works with you, there are many options that can still be within your budget and compliment your work of art. Look at it this way.  It is a piece of furniture for your home that will probably be around a lot longer than any living room furniture or bedroom set.  Art is something we live with for our lifetime and if it is good art many times it gets past down to the next generation.  That is why it is important to choose a frame that you are going to be proud of for a very long time. As an artist, it is also important to show that you are proud of your work.  You spent the time trying to perfect your work so why would you put a substandard frame to finish it off?  We realize that this is a costly venture for an artist but guaranteed if you put a frame that adds to your work you will not lose that money.  We have proven this in our galleries every time we frame a fresh work of art.  When we unveil a new Suchiu limited edition print, our rule is to frame it 3 different ways and in 3 different price ranges.  We frame one in a simple but nice low end frame, the 2nd in a mid-range price with possibly extra cuts or specialty mats and the 3rd is very high end and depending on the work of art it may also be very elaborate.  Which one do you think sells the most?  Hands-down it is always the high end piece.  When you get to see the same piece in 3 different frames regardless of the price the high end framing combination is just so stunning that it is hard to choose anything less. So the next time you frame your treasured works of art do not cheat it or yourself by just making do with a cheap skinny frame.  Wait until you can afford a proper frame.  You will thank yourself in the end for making that choice.  You probably bought that work of art because of the emotions it gives you and it would be a shame to spoil that feeling. When you choose the proper framing without cost being the deciding factor, you will be able to look at your fabulous work of art for many years with pride that you and your art so rightly deserve.

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  • I like that you pointed out how framing your art is a very important and necessary step not only towards preserving and protecting your treasures but also completing its look. My father just made his first painting and we want to display it in our house. For that, we are thinking of asking for original art framing services first.


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