Want to Know The Future?

Have you ever wished you had a crystal ball that could read your future?  We can help with that.

  You have told us many times that you need to know what is going on at Suchiu Art, past, present and future so that you don’t have a fomo. Whaaaat? (fōmō- fear of missing out ) You may have heard through the media Ron has a lot of art projects slated for this year.  So, to keep you up to date, we will be writing a post each month to explain all the art projects, stories, events and updates that will be happening or have happened around Ron and his art career.  

Five New Art Projects for This Year 

(most to be completed by June)


1.  The Magic Bus (now completed)

If you have been following Ron’s Facebook page you would have been watching the progress of this painting and it has now been completed. It is off to the photographer for stage one of the preparation for printing. This wild and colorful piece is about Ken Kesey.  Kesey, is the counterculture figure and the American novelist who wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Sometimes a Great Notion among others. He is considered to be the link between the beat generation of the 1950′s and the hippies of the 1960′s. He and his merry pranksters were basically one of the main causes that started the hippie movement, they just didn’t know it at the time. One of Kesey’s followers who Ron painted in this painting is Bob Weir. Weir left home at 17 to join the circus and ended up getting on the now historic bus “Further” and because of the circumstances involving the bus and its occupants, Weir ended up forming the Grateful Dead band with Jerry Garcia. Weir even sings the lyrics in the Dead’s song, ‘The Other One’ “the bus came by and I got on, that’s when it all began, there was cowboy Neal at the wheel of the bus to never never land.”  There are so many more details and stories that belong to this painting it will take a whole other post. So stay tuned and I will post something in a couple of weeks dedicated just to The Magic Bus.


2.  Canada’s 150th

Ron will be painting a dedication to celebrate the 150th year of our wonderful country Canada! Again, if you follow him on Facebook you will see he has already posted the above sketch. You can watch his progress as he builds his painting and adds new objects that are specifically Canadian. He will be putting 150 Canadian objects and clues into this piece!  It will make for a fun conversation or family game to find all of the clues. The prints will be one price and then as an added bonus, when you frame it with us, we will add a historic piece of wood of Canadian historic interest, that is over 150 years old into your matting. On this wood  “Canada 150th” will be scribed exactly as you see it in the big timber mantle and beside it, a beautiful plaque that verifies its historic past. How do we know that this wood is 150 years old?  Do you recall, back in 2010 we acquired the upper aft mast of Canada’s very first naval ship, HMCS SHEARWATER? In counting the circles of the cross grain of the mast we discovered that the tree was 43 – 45 years old when it was turned to become the mast section in the year 1900. So when you do the math it is definitely 150 years or older. All you proud Canadians will not want to miss out on this one. We are hell bent on having these sold so they will be framed and in your hands for or country’s 150th birthday on July 1st.


3.  Windsor’s 125th

  This painting will be another dedication to celebrate our unique border city’s 125th birthday! It will be hand-signed by Windsor’s Mayor Drew Dilkens. This is due to be completed for the Mayor’s walk in May. More details to follow at a later date. I do have prices for all, so if you are interested just email me for more details.


4.  Elwood Blues on a motorcycle trip?

  Well it is not really going to be named that, but we have not come up with a title yet. Yes you can send us your title suggestions. This is a picture that has been in Ron’s mind for years, actually ever since Ron met Danny Aykroyd.  And, when Ron put the word out to Aykroyd a couple of weeks ago, lo and behold guess who called him one afternoon? Yup you guessed it – Dan Aykroyd.  Danny said to Ron, “Hey, thanks for helping us keep the Blues Brothers legend alive.” Ron knows Aykroyd’s love for motorcycles so he will be painting Elwood on a Blues Brothers’ Chopper custom designed by none other than our own artist.  Danny loved the idea and said he will get together with Ron and sign these prints. Ron posted this information on his Facebook and boom CBC got wind of it, called him and did an article. You know you are newsworthy famous when the news calls you. Here is the link to the CBC article.   That is all the information I have on this art piece at this point, but I will keep you posted as more details fall into place.


5.  Boblo Amusement Park

This will be our FREE PRINT give-away for RONSTOCK this year. People have been bugging Ron to do a Boblo amusement park painting for years, so he has finally given in. Since the whole park is very hard to show from one angle Ron will pull together a collage type painting with favorite sites and icons from the park. This print retails for $125 but if you come to our RONSTOCK event on June 17th & 18th you will receive this as a gift from Ron absolutely free*.  Watch for your official invitation that we will be sending you later on this year for that event. An Added Surprise! You know how Ron always likes to add things? Simple is not in his vocabulary. Besides what’s the fun in that?  With the help of one of our collectors (thanks Mary-Lynn) Ron acquired 80 original Boblo tickets from 1968. As a very exciting added bonus, the first 80 people to frame this print with us will have one of these tickets incorporated into the mats. More real history on your walls … isn’t that fun?

So there you have it.  The future be told. Hopefully that cured you of your “fomo” and your days from now on will be nothing but awesomesauce!  Whaaaaaat?  

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