How patient have you been? … WOW!

Let me take a moment to explain to you something that I feel is very important.

So, it is now just over four years since I started working and refining the hundreds of pages needed to produce this monster book project and I am working every day I can with a highly skilled helper to aid me getting it finished.

That’s right, I speak of the once in a lifetime, ultra collectible Suchiu art book extraordinaire “The Wizard of Art”.

I know many of you have been waiting since I first announced that it was going to happen and for that I truly appreciate your patience. Believe me you won’t regret it when you finally have one of these babies in your hands to take home and enjoy. I might be guessing but I believe no one wants to be actually holding one of these more than I do.

So, knowing that a little more time will pass before they are completed I thought it might be nice to offer up a little taste of what will be in this hefty signed and numbered first edition treasure. I will be posting a variety of samplings of the written works on our social media platforms from time to time that you can dig into.

We will announce these tidbits in every way we can for you as they are released with links that will take you directly to the posts.

Right from the start, my intension has always been that this book was not simply a chance to make my visual work available to you. Through our many years of developed knowledge I knew from the get-go that the painted image is only a part of the full Suchiu art experience.

And, that became the thing that has made this such an ominous yet exciting project. Putting between the pages a good image of the art is the easy part. Also, describing the pictures characters, composition and goings on in detail is also reasonably simple. But the crazy stories my art has attached me to… OMG… it seems they go on forever.

As you can imagine there are hundreds of written pages, and we are continuing every moment we can to get to the end of them. Yet every time I speak to one of our new or long term collectors they remind me of another great story that absolutely must be added to the chapter of the art piece involved. Don’t get me wrong, although sometimes I feel cursed by the amount of work my career has drawn to me.  I know for a fact that I have been truly blessed by my talent and have experienced a life with Colleen that seems at time impossible to have had offered to simple little me. I have even felt from time to time undeserving of these blessings but I must thank you guys for putting me at peace with all of that. Especially with your persistence in offering me so many amazing compliments, especially when you insist that I in fact have deserved it by all my hard work.

So, with the multitude of written pages and the many hundreds of images and photos the next Suchiu blog post you get you will give you a tasty morsel of the book to enjoy at your convenience.

Pass this on to any of your friends who may be interested in my work and don’t forget to let us know how you like what we are doing.

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