JANE GOODALL′S eyes were tearful when she saw Suchiu′s To Touch An Angel. “You captured my dear friend Flint.”

Ronald Suchiu′s personal motto is “I must help make the world a better place through my art and depth of vision”. He is a dedicated supporter of two powerful environmental causes, the Jane Goodall Institute and The David Suzuki Foundation. And after his wife and soul-mate battled cancer, this became another of his preferred causes. Suchiu′s “Living Legends” where captured by brush with each of their foundations benefiting from the proceeds of the art.

“To Touch An Angel” was done with Jane Goodall and “Metamorphosis” with David Suzuki, both are extraordinary pieces depicting the beauty of their life missions. Unique paintings and art projects like these have become the staple of Suchiu′s career. He is passionate about his artwork and equally as passionate to help others.

“Absolutely the best piece of Blues Brothers Art ever produced . . . absolutely!” – DAN AYKROYD

Suchiu captured one of the all-time classic comedy teams The Blues Brothers, as an endorsed final dedication to the life of John Belushi, in his painting entitled Pure Blues. The painting and limited edition print series were personally autographed by actor Dan “Elwood Blues” Aykroyd. Suchiu was invited to Hollywood to unveil his painting at Dan′s nightclub The House of Blues on Sunset Blvd.

This elite event had many of Hollywood’s top celebrities in attendance including: John Goodman, Jim Belushi, Chevy Chase, Stephanie Powers, Mike Myers, Martin Short, Michelle Wright and David Foster among others. Everyone that knew John Belushi was amazed at how accurately Suchiu captured the spirit of Jake and Elwood Blues. Dan also used Suchiu′s Pure Blues image for his personal Christmas cards.



Often there aren′t enough hours in the day to allow Suchiu his creativity. As an artist his mind never slows down. If you are looking for him he can usually be found in his studio at all hours of the day and night working on his latest project or strategizing his next career move. New collectors to Suchiu′s artwork are often amazed with the quality and variety of subject matter. Unlike most artists that stick to one subject matter, Suchiu′s world-class paintings cover just about every subject matter in his one-of-a-kind style.

He has painted, sketched, sculpted, creating aviation, automotive, maritime, wildlife art and the list goes on. He has traveled to England to have tea with the youngest Titanic survivor, witnessed Voodoo in action in the famous brothel, House of The Rising Sun, shaken the hands of Presidents, Queens and Prime Ministers and partied with many celebrities. All this was because of the amazing works of art that he brings to life along with his unequalled ability to add adventure to their legends.

“Your print has become an enjoyable piece of art work in our home” – DENNIS W ARCHER Detroit Mayor

One of Suchiu′s prime objectives is in his Celebrity Artwork, he has set a personal goal of painting one hundred legendary celebrities of his time. Many collectors have commented on how his paintings are without equal in the way they combine the personal aspects of the entertainer′s life along with their image. A wonderful example of this is the painting Checkmate. In partnership with Sting this surrealistic setting is one that shows him as a player-piece in his favorite game, chess. Sting is a chess fanatic and Suchiu wanted to incorporate this passion into his art by seating him on the board and again by making him the “Good King of Nature”. Incredible symbolism was used to represent Sting′s great concern for environmental protection and he was in awe when he saw the caliber of the original painting and print series. This complex piece exquisitely showcased not only his image as a musical icon, but also two of his great life passions.

Upon becoming familiar with the work of Ronald Suchiu you cannot help but understand why two Prime Ministers of Canada have classified his work as “National Treasure”.






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