What is Suchiu Art TV?

Introducing: Suchiu Art TV

Some of you are brand new to Suchiu Art and others have been here ever since we opened up shop over thirty years ago. Nonetheless, if you have been with us since at least the beginning of 2021, you may have seen Suchiu paint live on Facebook. In fact, he has created three paintings while live streaming to Facebook this year alone: The BLUENOSE Legacy, Yin & Yang and Room Service at Kenilworth.

Suchiu painting The BLUENOSE Legacy

While working on his latest painting, The Suchiu Prophecy, Suchiu and his production team came into some technical issues causing delays, pixelation and poor streaming quality during his live painting sessions on Facebook. The brand of Suchiu has come to be synonymous with high quality–from the artworks, to the frames to the customer service you receive–and the way we create our videos should be no different.

Suchiu painting The Suchiu Prophecy

Thus, in order to give our audience the best viewing experience possible, Suchiu and his team of marketing directors decided to take the plunge and innovate the way we show you Suchiu creating his highly collectable works of art. Rather than live streaming for hours at a time, we have made the decision to create, instead, a series of episodes to be released on a schedule. These episodes will show Suchiu creating a given painting from start to finish in a high-speed time-lapse to give you the enjoyment of watching it come to life before your eyes. These episodes will be a full-fledged production complete with Suchiu discussing the painting and sharing some of his wonderful, wild stories you all know and love.

If you are one of the many collectors who have enjoyed watching and engaging with Suchiu during his live painting sessions, do not fear! We have a new live series planned for each month that you can look forward to. More on this will be announced tomorrow so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop. Keep an eye out for “The Suchiu Prophecy – Episode 1” coming soon (and I mean very soon) to Suchiu Art TV!

Where you will be able to watch Suchiu Art TV

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