The BLUENOSE Legacy – High Speed Painting Video

August 5th, 2021 Newsletter


High Speed Painting Video

Hi Friend,

Because I absolutely love this schooner and the legacy it has left on Canadian history, I thought I would share with you a little bit about what personally led me to paint this piece. Here is a tiny bit of what is inside my soul as an artist (let’s just call it wee bit of insider information):

As we know, the incredible speed of the BLUENOSE allowed it to win the Fishermen’s Cup for several years undefeated. Its legacy made the BLUENOSE a Canadian icon symbolizing the strength, hope and perseverance of our country.

To me, this painting and the schooner represent exactly what it means to be Canadian in 2020-2021: strong, resilient and always leaning into the future by putting our best foot forward.

That’s why I depicted the BLUENOSE as emerging from a storm completely un-phased. I believe that it is a symbol of hope that we need to be reminded of right now as a nation coming out of the thick of a pandemic, stronger than ever.

Enough chit chat from me… enjoy the high-speed painting video!

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