5 celebrities that can paint and are good at it too (this will shock you)

5 celebrities who can paint and are good at it
(this will shock you)

Photograph by Camilla Morandi/REX/Shutterstock

Celebrities are often known for their multifaceted talents. Whether the world recognizes them for their ability to act, sing, dance or play an instrument, the reality is that a World-class creative mind often spills boundlessly into other domains of art, expression and culture.

We have put together a list of 5 celebrity figures who have also proven their skills as visual artists and painters. Whether they call themselves ‘hobby artists’ or the next Pablo Picasso, there is a reason these celebrities are turning heads with their art.

#1 – Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey painting in his studio.

Perhaps one of the most popular celebrity-to-artist conversions takes form in the works of internationally renowned actor Jim Carrey. 

As a Hollywood comedy movie star frequenting the big screen over lighthearted and feelgood flicks, Carrey shocked the world in 2017 when he put a part of himself on display that no one was expecting.

In I Needed Color, a six minute documentary, Carrey opens up about his unrequited artistic abilities. Although he had been painting since he was young, it was not until a few years back that Carrey took the paintbrush in earnest, evolving from passively passionate to obsessive about his work.


Sunshower painted by Jim Carrey

“When I really started painting a lot, I had become so obsessed that there was nowhere to move in my home” Carrey states, “Paintings were everywhere. They were becoming part of the furniture. I was eating on them.”

Carrey has since produced a large number of collectable works, many of which insinuate a political stance or make a commentary on a humanitarian issue. You can check out Carrey’s collection here.

#2 – Dan Aykroyd

Aykroyd in “Ghostbusters”
Photo from comicbook.com

When World-renowned artist Ronald Suchiu asked Dan Aykroyd to partner up with him on a brand new art form he is launching, Aykroyd responded with a resounding “yes!” and became ‘patient zero’ of what would come to be known as Suchiu’s Synergy Art series.

Suchiu created Synergy Art with a vision to give non-artists a chance to get involved in a World class painting. Through Suchiu’s Synergy Art, an artist and a non-artist could pair up and create a work of art together. Here’s how it works:

Synergy 1 - Step 2 Dan Aykroyd painting

Dan Aykroyd painting Synergy #1

Step 1: Suchiu allows his Synergy Partner to select a combination of colors to create a canvas background. With the base color selected, Suchiu takes to the brush and covers the entire white canvas with color.

Step 2: His Synergy Partner, the non-artist, then adds whatever elements to the canvas he or she wishes based on emotional cues and a little creative juice. 

Step 3: After the Synergy Partner completes his or her portion of the work, Suchiu takes the piece back to his studio and turns it into a World class art piece. 

Check out this amazing transformation of Aykroyd’s ‘space orbs’ below:

Synergy Art - Dan Aykroyd

Synergy #1 painted by Dan Aykroyd and Suchiu

To date, this is the only painting on the market that Dan Aykroyd took part in, making it unfathomably rare.

#3 – Tony Bennett

Photograph by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Legendary jazz, pop and show tune musician Tony Bennett is no stranger to the Hollywood Red Carpet. In the decade of 2006-2016 alone, Bennett successfully sold over ten million records, and his works continue to be loved and collected throughout the World.

You may recognize Bennett’s signature song “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”. Bennett’s film scores have appeared in over 150 different television series, movies, talk shows and more. If you have not seen him, you have probably at least heard him.

Sunday in Central Park painted by Tony Bennett

Bennett’s interest in painting blossomed as a child, and he continued to nurture it throughout his professional life, taking part in training, courses and a plethora of museum visits. As an artist and painter, he signs his works with his real name, Anthony Bendetto, or simply just Benedetto.

Now, at 94-years-old, Bennett makes the point of painting or sketching each and every day; Thus, his works often depict cityscape views that he sees out of hotel windows on tour. 

He estimates that he has painted or sketched over 800 park scenes alone, and his works can range in price from $60 to over $15,000 USD. Even after having completed upwards of a thousand paintings or sketches, humble Bendetto still claims he has a lot to learn:

“I have a strong passion to sing and paint” Bennett states, “I’m really a student.”

You can check out more work by Tony Bennett here.

#4 – Jane Seymour

Photograph by Fox News

British-American actress, author and entrepreneur Jane Seymour has made over 150 notable appearances on the silver screen. You may recognize her from the cult class Wedding Crashers,  or more recently, Jane the Virgin, The War with Grandpa, Sandy Wexler and more. 

Seymour is more than just an exquisite actor, but has also honed her craft as a writer, successfully publishing a number of books in the genres of inspiration and self-help.

When she is not writing or acting, she is using her creative skills to create new jewellery line designs for top-of-line producers like Kay Jewellers.

Jane Seymour and Kay Jewelers launch the collaboration project “Open Hearts”
Photography from kristoferdanbergman.com

Considering her love for art, design and color, it is no surprise that Seymour’s creative enigma would also give way to a promising career as a painter of the fine arts.

Although her identity as a painter is not always at the forefront of her impressive Hollywood portfolio, Seymour has been honing this craft for over 23 years and her works can be found in art galleries and exhibitions across North America.

Flowers in a Blue Jug painted by Jane Seymour

With her art, Seymour specializes in water color, oil painting and anything with luscious, vibrant color. You can check out her collection here.

“When I started painting… I never imagined that anyone would look at my work or buy my pieces” Seymour states, “But now I do about 14 exhibitions each year.”

#5 – Daniel Victor (Neverending White Lights)

Photograph from the Windsor Star

Suchiu strikes again, pairing up with famous vocalist of the Canadian rock group Neverending White Lights to create Synergy #4. 

Neverending White Lights vocalist Daniel Victor launched his career as a successful recording artist and musician after graduating from university. Attracted to the collaborative music structure of film scores and soundtracks, his vision was to create an extended play record that was created with multiple other vocalists he enjoyed.


Suchiu strikes a pose with Synergy #4

He went on to create a long-list discography of recorded music albums, collaborating with famous bands such as: Finger Eleven, Our Lady Peace, Switchfoot and more. He describes his albums as having “diversity in the voice, but consistency in the song”.

Based on Victor’s passion for collaborating with other like-minded and talented individuals, it is no surprise that he would jump at the opportunity to team up with a World class artist and try his hand at the visual arts. 

Synergy #4 painted by Daniel Victor and Suchiu

Like Dan Aykroyd, there is only one painting in all of existence that Daniel Victor contributed to making it extremely rare. You can watch him paint from start to finish in this fascinating high speed video:

Daniel Victor painting Synergy #4

You can check out Synergy #4 here.

Conclusion: Owning Celebrity Art

Did these celebrity-turned-artists shock you? You will probably find the prices of some of these pieces even more shocking. What is it that determines the value of art, anyway? How do we know, as smart art collectors, which pieces are worth investing in? Are there any solid indicators that can tell us if the value of an artwork will increase over time?

As a lifelong artist with over 30 years of experience in the industry, Suchiu has the top-of-line knowledge for collecting art that beginners are asking for.

So, he created The Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Art You will Cherish for a Lifetime to teach people everything there is to know, when you do not even know where to start. 

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