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Would you not have thought that Millennials or Generation X who grew up with the internet would spend more time online?  Well guess what, it turns out it’s the Baby Boomers. They, me included, spend an average of 15 hours a week online. We don’t waste time watching videos or playing games either, we actually like reading good content. Yup, we’re pretty hip when it comes to using the internet. Each generation has their own positives though, so don’t think I am speaking less of others. Millennials know education is very important and based on influence from their Gen X workaholic parents, Millennials believe they must build strong resumes and become skilled to get on in life, according to a report from Strauss-Howe. Whilst social media is liked by all, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers, it seems Facebook is the favorite with the Boomers.  According to a report done by Limelight Networks – we like to educate, be educated and nearly 50 percent say they want to share “useful content.”   OK, so that explains the amount of comments and shares that is happening on Ron’s Facebook. He is gathering more and more followers as he creates each painting.  What is he doing differently from the average Facebook user? He has fascinating content.  Whether you’re an artist or an art admirer he takes you on a very fun and informative journey while he paints.   With each new layer he paints he will post its picture and then explain what he has done, why he has done it and what you can expect to see next.  When you arrow back through the photos it is like one of those flip book animations we use to make in the corner of our textbooks at school. My math book was full of them – not my favorite subject. For example, his latest painting “Canada’s 150th,” has taught everyone about how a painting gets layered. He paints the background first and then builds each layer as it comes closer and closer to the foreground. “Fascinating,” was one comment. “Wow, what a journey” was another. ( View pictures below ↓ for each new layer.) This painting “Canada’s 150th” is to celebrate our beautiful country turning 150 years old, so Ron is going to put 150 items and clues that pertain to Canada.  I know he will be asking for comments and suggestions on those items, so that will be fun to see what comes out of that.  Just for example here are some of his thoughts/list:

  1. Hudson Bay Blanket
  2. Beaver
  3. Moose
  4. Butter Tarts (MMMM)
  5. Bob & Doug Mackenzie
  6. Maple Leaf
  7. Hockey Stick
  8. Lacrosse Stick
  9. Blue Nose
  10. Totem Pole
  11. Orca Whales

You get the idea. It will make quite the conversation piece for those who have it hanging in their home! (I  know your going to ask- the print is only $150. for the SN -signed and numbered and yes you can order your favorite number, if it is still available.) If you are a Facebook user be sure to friend Ronald Suchiu and then check the follow button.   If you are not a Facebook user, it’s pretty easy to set up. Even if you just want to friend and follow the fun on Ron’s page it’s worth it. One customer told us, “I got my daughter to set me up just to watch and follow Ron’s progress. I love it! It is so interesting to watch the development of his paintings.” If you are a Boomer you can even connect with your grand-kids. Won’t they just think you are the epitome of conventional coolness! Like I said we Boomers are hip, ya baby!  (Boomer – that is.) I’m just curious…regardless of whether you’re a Boomer, Gen X, or Millennials are you a Facebook user?  Do you think it would be fun/interesting to follow Ron as he paints? Please let me know in the comment section, I would love to hear your thoughts.


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