A BLUENOSE Legacy Surprise

April 5th, 2021 Newsletter


A SPECIAL SURPRISE for the Next 30 Orders of Framed Signed & Numbered Packages

If you’ve already ordered a signed & numbered print of “The BLUENOSE Legacy” then we have a special surprise for you!

And if you’ve been thinking about ordering… now’s your chance to get in on this surprise (only 30 left).

We have finally got our hands on a small number of the uncirculated 2021 Canadian dimes through our rare coin supplier; in fact, these dimes aren’t even available to the public yet (and won’t be until late fall, 2021).

For those who have their order in already, Colleen is including this rare dime in your frame (along with the piece of wood from the BLUENOSE II). We will be including this rare bonus in only the next 30 signed & numbered framed limited edition prints that are ordered.

Remember: only the next 30 signed & numbered framed prints will receive this special bonus, so order yours now!

P.s. all printers proofs and artist proofs that have been ordered or will be ordered automatically get this bonus.

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