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“Kentucky Fried”. Fresh from a day of fishing out on the water everyone has since moved on to the barbeque or the patio chairs. The tackle has been stacked, ready for its next use. It is a beautiful summer day and you feel the gentle breeze on the back of your neck as you look out over the calm water. You skip a rock and watch as it skips 1… 2… 3… and then disappears. You hear a sound and turn to take a look at the gear that remains stacked on the dock. Take a good look at Suchiu’s coastal still-life, there is something unusual going on. It would seem that this seascape is best served on the rocks with a twist of fun.

Museum-quality canvas prints are ready and framed artist choice sample pieces are on display at our galleries. They look so much like the original that it is incredible.

This print can come complete with an artist choice frame, ready to hang on your wall. Signed and numbered pieces are $595.00.

Artist Proofs are $995.00… Printers Proofs are $1495.00. Or just the print can be ordered and shipped so that you can get your favorite framer

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