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“Dare of Demon Rum ”

It’s June 1928. A beautiful evening is in the making and you decide to take a walk along Windsor’s shoreline.

As the summer sun retires and the hush of the evening sets in, the unique sputter of a 1926 Pontiac Screenside Van can be heard nearby. At the same time, you detect the drone of a very powerful marine engine approaching the Detroit River shoreline.

Feeling a little exposed, you slip into the shadows. The van pulls to the water’s edge, a beautiful mahogany cigar-hull boat slips up to the dock, and a hundred feet upriver, a highly polished limousine rolls out from behind a shed.

All the engines shut down and an eerie silence, a two-minute shuffle of highly organized effort loads the sleek boat with strange, burlap-wrapped packages. Not a word is spoken and before you know it, you are alone on the dock.

You give your head a shake and continue on your peaceful summer night’s stroll… it’s like it never happened.

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