“Grim Reaper”


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In collaboration with Pilot Dave Hadfield, Ron Suchiu captures the striking beauty of  Vintage Wings’ Hawker Hurricane “Grim Reaper”

This piece is available in the following formats:

Press Proof
– Framed or unframed
Includes a Bonus Custom hand drawn Remarque
     Note:  Only 10 Press Proof’s are available!

Artist Proof
– Framed or Unframed
     Note:  Only 20 Press Proof’s are available!

Limited Edition signed and numbered print
-Framed or Unframed
     Note:  Only 150 Limited Edition Prints are available!

For added value, consider adding an original Custom Remarque.

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I feel so blessed because my artist work takes me on adventures that I really would never have dreamed up on my own.
You should probably know that on my personal list the top 5 things that I love the most, the world of aviation, especially aircraft of the WWII era is right there at the top.

Dave Hadfield and Ron Suchiu

Dave Hadfield

I have now worked with very interesting, friendly and also famous pilots over my years in this genre and test pilot Dave Hadfield is a man that really shines in my book. Dave is a retired Air Canada pilot who spent almost forty years at the top of his game flying many thousands of hours in long list of commercial aircraft from the DC9 right up to the Boeing 777.

After all of that he went on to build his  unwavering reputation as a test pilot who has now added some extremely rare aircraft on his list of what he is certified to fly. He has personally flown such historic treasures as the Super Marine Spitfire, North American Mustang, Curtis P40N Kittyhawk the Westland Lysander just to name a few.

The aircraft you see in my painting is the most recent one that Dave test flew for the Vintage Wings collection out of northern Ontario. The Hawker Hurricane!

Dave Hadfield with ‘Grim Reaper’

What a classic. It was known as the work horse of the British air battles over England in WWII. Although the Spitfire was a bit more glorified because of its beautiful lines the Hurricane was credited for shooting down sixty percent of the enemies that were taken out during the
Battle of Britain timeline.


Grim Reaper
The famous colour scheme “Grim Reaper” of the aircraft in my art piece was painted to honour Alberta ace Willy McKnight. Each of the Vintage Wings planes is dedicated to a famous Canadian combat pilot.

Each of the Museum quality, limited edition, eight colour prints is personally hand signed by both the pilot Dave Hadfield and the artist in traditional graphite pencil.


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