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It sounds like a Spielberg script . . . but it really happened!

On March 25, 1958, a tremendous roar was heard through the northern suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. No one could have known, that day, its echo would last 40 years into the future and grow louder and louder, against all the normal laws of nature.

That momentous sound and event started as Jan “Zura” Zurakowski advanced the twin throttles of the first Canadian made supersonic aircraft, the Avro Arrow, on its maiden from Downsview Airport.

The plane was incredible, its performance, along with the normally expected evolution, would have most certainly kept it at the leading edge of aviation technology for many decades. It was huge, over 90 feet long, and had a bomb bay larger than that of a B-29 Super-Fortress. It was fast, the aircraft by far outperformed everything that the world had to compare it to.

I dedicate this painting to the 15,000 or more Canadians who gave millions of honest hard working hours toward this ill-fated project. I wish to present to them and to all Canadians “Echelon Arrows” in their first formation flight over the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains.

All of the “Echelon Arrows” prints are signed by Avro’s chief experimental test pilot Janusz Zurakowski, a true pioneer in the early years of aviation and early jet craft.

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