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It is a timeless image that depicts hope and confidence…. and a true reflection of the Thunderbird spirit. Ultimately, this limited-edition framed print of the 2002 Thunderbird is a collector’s dream.

It includes such value-enhancing touches as the signature of the artist and the inclusion of actual Thunderbird badging in the matte, archival-quality framing, and, of course, an individually-numbered limited-edition print.

Ronald Suchiu was chosen by the Thunderbird Art Project Team to interpret the essence of Thunderbird and the broader themes of hope, optimism, and tradition.


Can you picture a cure for breast cancer? Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited and its Dealers certainly can. That’s why they came together and made a commitment to raise one million dollars to support the research and prevention efforts of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF).

They created the Thunderbird Limited-Edition Prints, a unique, collectible art project designed to reflect such cherished values as hope for the present, optimism for the future, and the strong, sturdy link of tradition.


“I believe the best way to depict hope to the viewer is through positive presentations of children interacting with family. I chose to present the art as one story that deepens and becomes more layered and involved as the viewer continues to look at it.”

“The immediate vision is of a mother and her young son standing proudly by the Thunderbird after washing it. The driveway is still very wet and full of reflections….and here is where the unexpected is seen. The reflection seems to travel back in time to the 1950s, showing us the mother as a young child with her mother in a similar “déjà vu” moment. I see the images of the vehicle and the people as a powerful symbol of continuity and tradition, hope, and optimism.”

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