Signed by 3 CORVETTE designers


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You have just found the very best C5 limited edition print on the market today!

Suchiu’s C5 print entitled “PASSION”, with its magical reflection of a 1953 Corvette, is second to no other in the quality of materials used, the accuracy of color reproduction, and its powerful visual impact.

All who have become collectors of Suchiu Art have learned quickly that when Suchiu decides to produce a limited edition project . . . it simply doesn’t get any better.


Not only is “PASSION” a fantastic print at an equally fantastic price, but it also has a built-in bonus that is bound to push it through the collectibles ceiling of value! Every limited edition print, artist proof, and press proof is signed by three of the most important names in Corvette history. Dave C. Hill – Chief Engineer Corvette John A. Cafaro – Chief Design Engineer James C. Minneker – Powertrain Engineering Group

Dave Hill with Suchiu


If you really want something unique, Suchiu is allowing only 97 hand-painted remarques to be sold for “PASSION”.

The remarque is a small original hand-sketched and colorized painting of your Corvette, it is placed at the bottom right-hand side of your print by the artist.

Yes, you name the C5 model to be portrayed, and to top it all off, your personal plate number will be shown in the painting (this option is only available via telephone orders. Call: 519-776-5767).

The Deluxe Remarque! (this option is only available via telephone orders. Call: 519-776-5767)

You name any model/ year Corvette or e-mail a picture to be portrayed and of course, your personal plate number will be shown in the painting.

If you are an avid Corvette collector… I repeat… it doesn’t get any better than this! Check out the great prices below and call today from anywhere in North America, you won’t regret it!

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