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This sophisticated painting has everything we have come to expect of a Suchiu masterpiece. With this piece, Ron commemorates the blues as the basic root of almost all modern music.

A few decades ago “Blues Music” was almost lost as a popular music form. This is poetically represented here by the corner of the “the home of the blues”, as Dylan called it, which has become so dilapidated through lack of interest and maintenance that it looks more like an ancient ruin. The magical blues harp far in the distance to the right gently sings out a smooth healing blues melody. As its magical music notes cascade down to earth they transform into surreal people and each one has the task of bringing forward a single brick to aid in the reconstruction of the place that the blues originated from. They are rebuilding the endangered music form one note at a time.

That’s strange… one of the magic notes has left the line!

Ron has added one rebel note as a dedication to two of the world’s real rebels. First, to the genius Ron has added one rebel note as a dedication to two of the world’s real rebels. First to the genius musical career of rock and roll hall of fame member Eric Burdon and second to President Nelson Mandela. Ron was involved with getting a soundtrack to the producer of the documentary movie “Long Walk To Freedom Of Nelson Mandela”. Eric’s song has never been commercially released and he sent Ron a copy with a handwritten label to hide away and listen to whenever he wanted an “Animal” fix the other was sent to Nelson Mandela.

Two of Eric’s phrases in the song have become Ron’s most favorite written lines of all times… “When they force us to walk in time… someone has got to step out of line”. So in the painting, the music note represents Eric & Nelson, having stepped out of line he has set his brick down to go on and follow a path less traveled.

When asked to describe “what is the blues?” Coco Taylor says “It’s like you’ve fallen into a hole in the ground and you are yelling to get out”. With a close look at “The Resurrection”, you will notice a person doing just that.

The symbolism in this piece works on so many other levels that it is more than a “music piece”, this is a piece that speaks to life itself at its very roots, the helping hands that are always there to pick us up when we may fall. Ron Suchiu’s masterpiece – “The Resurrection” is now available in an extraordinary canvas print. Book yours today!

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