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The most enjoyable painting time for me is when I am offered the opportunity to allow my mind to just flow onto the canvas without major concerns of having to do demanding research or composition planning to create an image in a documentary manner. That is why I find the free-hand style of work so rewarding and fun when painting unique and creative surreal pieces. I have also realized that going to the extreme with a color pallet, visual subject, or interpretation is not only well accepted in the realm of surreal art, it actually seems to be preferred.

With “Evolution of a Dream”, I began with only a carefully selected color pallet and a rough concept. I decided that the art piece would symbolize many of the finest qualities I know to exist in the women of my life. I wanted to show the characteristics that define these women by visually expressing their physical strength, humility, love, humor, and unwavering ability to make fair judgments even if or when they are fully aware that the truth may hurt.

The painting places you about ten or so feet from a sleeping nude woman. You are actually being engulfed by her dream and what she is experiencing. Just like many of my artworks, the main subject, the sleeping woman, is hidden right in front of your eyes. You might have to work a little to see her but when she appears she will become very obvious to you, maybe a bit too obvious.


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