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The Coins of Bath piece marks the first painting that I witnessed Ron Suchiu work his magic on and bring into existence. From a flat blank canvas to the deep masterful work of art that is available in limited edition today, I feel privileged to have been there every step of the way.

After seeing this I can now fully appreciate the time and effort involved in creating an original work of art of Ron’s standards.

I must start by saying that Ron’s enthusiasm for this piece has definitely rubbed off on all of us. At times he has sounded like an exuberant kid in a toy store – “Guys, come here you’ve got to see this, this is so cool. Oh yeah this is looking reeeeal good, I like it a (pronounced “eh”) lot”. Ron’s love for his craft has made even the uninitiated like myself dive headlong into this painting.

For those of you that are unfamiliar, let me open your imagination to a little piece that we like to call… the Coins of Bath. The journey began 2 years ago when Britton, Colleen and Ron Suchiu flew to England to have a limited number of his Titanic prints signed by the youngest Titanic survivor Millvina Dean (low quantities left – reserve yours today!). While in England Ron visited the City of Bath. A city designed and built in the early 1700’s by a great architect and his son, a city renowned worldwide for its floral beauty. That magnificence has resulted in Bath winning the National Horticulture award so many times in England that they were disqualified from competing over the past couple of years.

All the while that they were there Ron wondered whether the true beauty of Bath could ever be captured in a painting. Could a painting ever do this city justice?

I believe that justice has indeed been served in the latest Suchiu art release – Coins of Bath. The beauty and history of Bath, the city has been captured in this painting. Picture yourself standing on an old stone walkway that leads you towards the Avon River. As you approach the river you are met with two beautiful stone pillars, you glance upward and see a solemn sleeping dragon resting above you on the pillar top. You recognize the Salisbury Cathedral gates. The gates are opened slightly so you peer through them to see an old narrow canal boat resting comfortably in the river. Your senses are employed as you smell the clean air and hear the gentle sound of a waterfall. Birds have dropped in to quench their thirst with Nature’s finest water. An ancient bridge serves as the perfect backdrop, capturing both the splendor and history of England in one fell swoop. The soothing beauty of this piece will make you feel as though England has surrounded you.

Now through the power of Suchiu magic you can bring not only a beautiful vision of England but also a piece of history into your home. This series is confined to only 180 s/n pieces and 18 artist proofs. Each of the limited edition Giclee prints comes with its very own Roman coin circa 200 – 400 AD (Yes 1600-1800 years old!). Each “Coins Of Bath” customer personally selects his or her own coin that will then be placed into a specially designed glass covered window in the matting. Who knows Caesar himself may have held your coin. This piece comes as an all-inclusive package. You get the frame, matting (the mat can be suede), the coin, and the magical Coins Of Bath in a Giclee print for the ultra low price of $595.00. No that is not a misprint, Ron hasn’t inhaled too many paint fumes and lost his mind (we all know that was gone years ago) so stop by the gallery and act quickly to ensure that you are not left out in the cold.

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