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Windsor’s official limited edition centennial print

May 24, 1892 – 9:00 a.m. was a proud moment as this border town and its international neighbors celebrated the new city of Windsor. “Per Mare Per Terra” – by land and by sea; its Latin motto describes how its residents came and decided to stay at the end of this southernmost Canadian peninsula along the Detroit River.

International artist Ronald Suchiu was commissioned by the Windsor Kinsmen to capture this historic event on canvas. After much research, Mr. Suchiu chose the sight of Windsor’s popular Dieppe Park on the riverfront. If you stand where the “Spirit of Windsor” train is today and look toward the Ambassador Bridge, this would be the scene from 100 years passed.

Ronald Suchiu spent hundreds of hours painting and transforming to live the intricate details of this masterpiece. The train alone consumed a major portion of that time. The Centennial Committee approved the painting and Windsor’s Centennial Mayor, His Worship Michael Hurst, was asked if he would add his signature to the limited edition prints, to which he graciously accepted.

This event of 100 years ago brought thousands to rejoice. Ferry boats shuttled the many patrons, while barges transported the private train cars.

Three regiments were on hand for this 3-day festival. One regiment traveled from Toronto, Ontario, another from Kingsville, Ontario, and the gallant soldier we see on horseback was a member of the Queen’s own Essex 21st Fusiliers, which remain today as the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment. These troops came to herald this stately occasion and guard those “Celebrating the New City”.

NOTE: This print is in the collections of Windsor’s eight twin cities:

Las Vueltas, El Salvador
Mannheim, Germany
Saint Etienne, France
Udine, Italy
Coventry, England
Changchun, China
Fujisawa, Japan
and Granby, Que.

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