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Suchiu has completed his latest piece Bella #3 entitled “Oh Very Young”.

A stunning yet mysterious piece that features a beautiful dark-skinned woman, her arms and face covered in symbolic tattoos and markings from all over the world, thirty different cultures to be exact.

Her transparent figure seemingly rises from the broken ground that is covered with even more worldly symbols. Her caring eyes are fixed upward as her palm gently stretches towards the sky. The brilliant blue of the sky has broken open, cracks permeate the surface and tiny souls trapped in human form are clutching to ropes. Is she trying to save them or is she trying to help them redeem themselves with a second chance? Only she really knows.

All we know is that Bella has done it again, this is a provocative thought-provoking piece that will have you searching for the meaning behind the woman, the tiny people, the symbolic tattoos, and the etchings in the ground.

Dive into this new release and find its true meaning for yourself.

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