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After the flood

I thought it would be nice to hear what someone else had to say about one of Ron’s painting subjects, an expert if you will. So without further adieu, I turn this page over to Mr. Eric Clapton for his comments on Stevie Ray Vaughn: “I don’t think anyone has commanded my respect more, to this day. The first time I heard Stevie Ray, I thought, Whoever this is, he is going to shake the world. I was in my car and I remember thinking, I have to find out, before the day is over, who that guitar player is. That doesn’t happen to me very often, though I get that way about listening to music. I mean, about three or four times in my life I’ve felt that way in a car, listening to the radio, where I’ve stopped the car, pulled over, listened and thought, I’ve got to find out before the end of the day, not, you know, sooner or later, but I have to know NOW who that is. And I remember being fascinated by the fact that he never, ever seemed to be lost in any way. It was as though he never took a breather or took a pause to think where he was gonna go next, it just flowed out of him. It’s going to be a long time before anyone that brilliant will come along again.” Eric Clapton

Even today, Stevie’s guitar playing earns him a ranking among the greatest of all time. Ron’s depiction of him at the crossroads with his trademark attire, SRV custom guitar, and a look of pure passion is one that will fan will immediately recognize. Order After the Flood today and keep the memory of one of the true.

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