Signed by Luke Willson


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What makes this Suchiu Art piece so rare and collectible?

First, this is the only time you will ever see Luke Willson in the uniforms of every team he has played for. From the very beginning to the Super Bowl champion we know him as today, they are all here.

Second, although Ron has been asked to partner with many sports celebrities he has had never a strong urge to do so. That is until he met Luke Willson 82 of the 2013 Super Bowl champion team Seattle Seahawks.

We as Suchiu collectors well understand that our renowned artist is rarely spellbound or starstruck by the many celebrities he meets and has a chance to work with. But Ron found Luke Willson extremely inspiring.

In his own words, Ron describes him – “Luke is a young person with mental drive, stability, and insight far beyond a normal person of his age. He is continually put under a huge amount of pressure, both as a world-class athlete and as an ambassador to his sport. It is impossible to not be inspired by Luke. I can’t help feeling very proud and privileged to partner with him on this project”.

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