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“st joseph’s church”
A Beautiful Piece Of Our History

In Essex County there are few places that match the quiet rustic charm of River Canard. The graceful arch of the cement bridge makes a complementary architectural statement offering a gateway to this very important spiritual center.

St. Joseph’s Church in River Canard embodies the French Catholic heritage of this little corner of the county. Join Ronald Suchiu in adding your own life story to the rich history of this church, as he portrays this magnificent part of our past, our present and our future in his latest painting, a beautiful view of St. Joseph’s Church.

With this Suchiu Art release Ron will be re-establishing his connection with the Vatican as he will be sending a print of St. Joseph’s Church in River Canard to the Pope as a gift. As many Suchiu Art collectors know, Ron’s previous depiction of the Assumption

Church was sent to and received into the Vatican where it proudly hangs today.

So don’t miss out on bringing a piece of history into your home. St. Joseph’s Church in River Canard is available today in a beautiful Giclee (canvas) print. There will be only 650 Signed and Numbered prints made available, 65 Artist Proofs and 7 Printer’s Proofs. Using the World’s best printing technology, each print takes approximately one half hour to produce creating a quality that is unsurpassed. Even the canvas that it is printed on is exactly the same canvas that Ron used for the original painting. Ron is offering a very restricted number of hand-painted remarques. This personal touch adds to the collectability of your print as each one is done individually, ensuring that no two will ever be identical. The remarques is pictured and is a recognizable to those familiar with the church as it depicts the statue of St. Joseph that is proudly displayed in the outer wall of the church.

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