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Candle in the Wind by Suchiu Art is an ultra-rare painting and limited edition print series featuring Marilyn Monroe and Lady Diana. For Candle in the Wind, you choose between owning a limited edition print without a frame or including a frame. Every limited edition print is produced on the highest-quality cotton rag stock paper, encased in a beautiful, archival, museum-quality frame. All Suchiu art is framed in-house under the scrutiny of the artist and master framer to achieve the highest caliber of quality presently available on the market.

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Candle in the Wind

If you are a Marilyn Monroe or Lady Diana fan then this art piece “Candle In The Wind” is for you. Imagine the song that Elton John composed. It was first about Marilyn Monroe and about how short her life was “Your candle’s burned out long before your legend ever will”, then he changed the lyrics for a tribute to Lady Diana. So … picture Marilyn Monroe standing over a glossy ebony grand piano, blowing out a candle that is on a candlestick in front of her, and in the reflection on the piano is Lady Diana but the candle in front of her has just a wisp of smoke. We will only be producing 100 SN of these very special pieces. Each piece will be an original canvas giclee. Artist Ron Suchiu will personally paint each rose just for you. You can choose any color for the rose that you would like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are limited edition prints?

Unlike an open edition print series that can be endlessly reproduced, in a limited edition print series, the artist restricts the total number of prints to be produced so it will maintain its collectability throughout the test of time, therefore increasing its monetary value. A limited edition print series is broken down again into three categories: press proofs, artist proofs and signed and numbered.

What types of limited edition prints are there?

Press Proofs

When an artist does a limited edition print series of an original painting, the first few prints that come off the press are called press or printer proofs. The first few samples that are printed off are put to the side as press proofs, having been ‘proofed’ by the person running the press prior to the artist’s arrival. Usually, press proofs only make up about 1% of the entire print run. 

Artist Proofs

During a print run, the artist and the person running the press will intermittently pull samples and set them aside for proofing. Traditionally, press proofs would be proofed by the press operator and artist proofs would be proofed by the artist. At Suchiu Art, artist proofs make up only about 10% of a given limited edition print series.

Signed & Numbered

The majority of a limited edition print run is designated to a series called signed and numbered. The signed and numbered limited edition print series contains the largest quantity of reproductions for that specific painting. Nonetheless, the total quantity of prints produced in a given signed and numbered limited edition print series will still be restricted in comparison to demand to maintain a sense of urgency for collectors and retain the print series overall value. 

Do you offer shipping?

Yes! Whether you are ordering a limited edition print unframed or with a frame, we can ship your order to you anywhere across North America and beyond. Each order is handled with the utmost care and packaged with protection to ensure it is received by you in the same condition that it left our gallery.

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